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News Flash


Oops, Gold Coast Father makes a mistake and lets his 2 year old walk around the carpet in the bare buff so you can imagine what has happened next Yes Guys In Kilts were on their way.

       Who have you been paying not to do your cleaning?                   


Miss Jones Was in a frantic state when she arrived home from work to find out her two Shih Tzu dogs had vomited all over her beautiful lounge suite and carpet, but luckily just two days before she was talking to her friends who recommended Guys In Kilts carpet cleaning service. 

Party at Mrs Greaves

Party at Mrs Greaves home in Burleigh goes all wrong when her cat jumps up on to the dining table and knocks over a bottle of red wine and brown sauce all over her carpet. Mrs Greaves called Guys In Kilts the following morning and they removed the brown sauce and the stubborn red wine stain.

Mrs Stevens 

Son spills red cordial on their carpet but luckily guys and kilts on their last clean had applied a protective coating to Mrs Stevens cream plush carpet, and so she was able to blot the stain up herself.

Washing Machine Disaster

Mr and Mrs Capella said they had a water leak from their washing machine which ultimately left their hallway being saturated with water, it was 9:00 pm and they had to be at the Gold Coast airport at 10:00 am the next morning for a holiday in Italy! They tried to soak up as much water as they could with towels,but quickly they realised they would need a carpet cleaner so immediately they started phoning around and rather got no response or they just would not come at that time in the evening until they phoned Guys In Kilts. They said they would arrive at ten and they did! They sucked up the water from the carpet and put fans down to help it to dry! Then called back at 7:30am the following morning  to pick the fans up just as we were leaving for the airport now that's what I call service!!


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