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Dog/Cat Pee

Dog and cat urine and odour removal

Gold Coast residents love their pets! About 46.8% of household own a dog or cat, now that's a lot of mishaps but we can help you with that!
Treating pet urine issues is done on a case to case basis.There are many factors that go into urine cleaning that include: animal size, age,breed, diet and illnesses such as kidney problems.
If you have a new puppy or small toy dog then the urine is mostly likely on the surface and clean up is relatively easy.
Now big dogs are a different story, big bladders mean big problems.If large dog empties it's bladder on one area of a carpet then it most likely soaked into the underlay.This requires deep cleaning treatment.


Deep cleaning treatment and inspection

First, our Guys In Kilts will walk through you home with you to evaluate the problem
Second,we will use a black light to detect unseen problems

Third, We use a hydrosensor to detect how far the urine has spread on your carpet and underlay.
Fourth, we saturate the area with a special solution that is made for urine and odour removal. We then pour the solution on to your carpet and let it sit for about ten minutes making sure it soaks through the carpet and into the underlay.
Fifth,we suck it back up with a special tool called a water claw
Six,we soak and agitate the carpet with an odorcide product that destroys all odours by encapsulating the molecules.
Seventh, the odorcide along with excess pee and bacteria is extracted out of the pad and carpet
Eight, the area is completely rinsed with fresh water.
Nine, Finally all the fresh water is sucked out of the underlay and carpet leaving you with a completely sanitised carpet and underlay.

Extreme cases

Sometimes a deep carpet cleaning is not enough because the urine has soaked all the way into the concrete. In this case the carpet would need to be pulled up underlay replaced and subfloor sealed.  This will usually take care of the problem.Now it should be noted that in some rare cases the entire carpet and underlay will need to be replaced.It just depends on the quantity and severity of the mess


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